About Sandra

I was born in Livingston, Montana and attended college at Montana State University in Bozeman. Sculptor’s Deborah Butterfield and John Buck, who lived in Bozeman, taught sculpture at M.S.U. The sculpture department opened up a magical world for me that I am still investigating.
I attended graduate school at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. The approach to sculpture at V.C.U. focused on formal concerns rather than conceptual ones. The experiences allowed me to articulate what was important to me in art making; personal meaning through the exploration of forms and materials.
My ideas for art come from observing the natural world.  I study the adaptations that plants make in order to survive and propagate.  I explore the shapes, textures and colors that help serve this cycle. When I watch the rhythms in nature, I contemplate my own physical and psychological journey.  The natural world is a mirror and I see reflections of who I am.  These metaphoric ideas serve as the beginning of my art-making process. 
Creating a sculpture is a process of building and erasing, the conclusion is always a surprise to me.  Each sculpture begins with drawings and evolves through the relationship that develops during construction. Through observation, experimentation and intuition, the piece develops and finds a conclusion. Humor and play also find their way into the process.  Some pieces, like progressions in life, take much longer than others to finish.
Although art making is a very personal experience for me, in the end, I want the work to be accessible to viewers and help ignite their own journeys.